Xrocker Gaming Chairs

Website for on-line sales of Xrocker Gaming Chairs designed with built in audio and vibration technology to enhance the gaming experience for PC game players, console and video gamers. Also enhances any other audio visual experience such as movies and music.

Xrocker Gaming Chairs are designed and manufactured in the USA and until now anyone wishing to purchase one would have to import them directly from the USA. The client recently aquired the distribution rights for South Africa and Southern Africa and required a web site to showcase the range of locally available Xrocker Gaming Chairs, build the distribution network and also to enable the public to purchase the gaiming chairs directly via the web site.  



There are already existing Xrocker web sites in the USA and UK that serve the American and UK / European markets so the design of the local site was loosely based on the look and feel of the international web sites. Because the range that is initially being made available to the South African market is smaller than that available internationally the site was better able to make use of fader and slider technology to showcase the smaller range.

The site includes full e-commerce functionality to enable online purchasing. To assist with growing the retailer network a retailers section was included that will enable retailers to have their stores listed along with a map and other pertinent information to make it easy for prospective customers to find their nearest retailer should they wish to view the products prior to purchasing.



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