The online visibility of a website is crucial to the success of a website, without a high degree of visibility your website is not going to be found and visited by the potential customers your website needs to attract in order for it to generate new business.

Creating and launching a new website is only the first step towards having a website that will generate new customers for your business or online venture. Simply having a website does not mean that potential customers will flock to it in droves. Having a functional well planned and executed website is important but unless the website is highly visible on the internet it is not going to attract new business.

Online visibility refers to how and where links to your website are distributed across the search engines and other sites on the internet. Ensuring a high level of online visibility for your website entails achieving the highest possible search engine ranking results for the broadest possible range of relevant search terms so that it will show up in as many search results pages as possible. This is commonly referred to as Search Engine Visibility but the overall online visibility of a website also encompasses how visible links to the website are across other websites including social media websites.

Achieving high degrees of online visibility can be realised by adopting an ongoing online marketing strategy that will promote your website going forward. This strategy will ideally comprise a range of online marketing methods. 

  • Search Engine Optimisation
    Ensuring that a web site ranks high in search engine results entails ensuring that the pages comprising the web site and the entire site itself are optimized to achieve high ranking in the search engine results....more
  • Search Engine Submission
    Letting the search engines know of your sites existance in many cases requires that the site be submitted to the search engines....more
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