Sun Decks

Sun decks provide a perfect way to make the most of the superb South African climate whilst adding style and value to your property. Sun decks are particularly suited to properties with sloping ground where conventional patio areas cannot be established although in many cases Sun decks are extensions of existing patio areas or are an alternative to them even where the slope of the land is not an issue.

Adding a sundeck to your home will usually require the services of a sun deck contractor, however a number of do it yourself DIY sundeck systems have been around for a number of years that enable the DIY enthusiast to build a deck themselves using ready made interlocking decking panels. You can of course build your own deck from scratch using standard available poles and timber purchased from a lumber merchant. In the case of sun decks built over steep banks or sheer drops it would be advisable to employ an experienced sun deck contractor as there will be important structural issues to contend with when building a deck in these circumstances. An experienced and reputable sun deck contractor will use quality SABS approved timber, hardware and follow best practice construction methods in the design and construction of sundecks.

Most South African sun decks are usually constructed from imported Balau hardwood or from CCA H4 Pine. The design and size of the sun deck will depend upon budget, landscape and contractor as each contractor will have his own preference as to how the deck should be designed and built to best fulfill the requirements of the client. Sundecks will usually require balustrading and sometimes access steps which will also be built by the contractor and like the decks themselves are available in a number of different designs depending on the contractor.

Timber decking is also proving to be a popular alternative to slasto or brick paving around swimming pools.




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