Burglar Guards & Burglar Bars

Is your home secure? Do you have Burglar Guards or Burglar Bars on your windows as Burglar Proofing for your home. It is a sad fact that in many countries including South Africa, home security has become a priority for most home owners. Private residential and domestic properties as well as industrial premises need to be Burglar Proofed to prevent Burglary and break ins. There are a number of Burglar Guard and Burglar Bar options that can be supplied and installed to protect your property and family or business. 

Fixed Burglar Guards Burglar Bars 
Fixed burglar bars are usually manufactured from square or round bar and are available in standard Burglar Guard sizes to suit standard window sizes. There are many different Fixed Burglar Guard designs and Fixed Burglar Bar designs available both in terms of Burglar Guard installation or fitment method and aesthetic design. Custom Burglar Guard manufacturers will also manufacture custom burglar bars to almost any custom design according to customer specifications. Fixed Burglar Bars as the name suggests are Burglar Guards that are permanently installed in place to secure the window or opening over which they are installed. Some Burglar Guards are designed to screw into the window frames or bolted or set into the wall surrounding the window. The problem with fixed burglar guards mounted on timber window frames is that they are usually fairly easy to rip away from the wooden window frame. Fixed Burglar Bars that are bolted into the wall around the window can also be tampered with so the bolts should either be non removable or welded to prevent tampering and the removal of the Burglar Guard. Another danger with fixed Burglar bars is that in the case of fire the windows covered by fixed burglar bars cannot be used to exit the building and escape the danger.

Expandable, Retractable, Trellis, Concertina Burglar Guards
Most people are familiar with Expandable, Retractable, Trellis , Concertina style security gates with locks that are designed to lock instantly if you slam the gate closed quickly to provide instant safe secure barrier between yourself and any danger. But what many people do not realise is that the same type of  Expandable, Retractable, Trellis , Concertina style gate system works equally as well as expandable burglar guard burglar proofing. Typically Expandable, Retractable, Trellis , Concertina style burglar guards comprise a bottom track and top rail along which the burglar bars, comprising vertical uprights connected  by scissor lattice flights, run assisted, usually by nylon bushes to prevent steel on steel contact. The steel uprights and lattice flights are designed to concertina together making the burglar bars Expandable and retractable meaning that the Burglar Gaurds can be pulled to the sides thereby creating an unobstructed window opening. The Burglar Bars can then easily be expanded and locked to secure the window opening, the Burglar Bars can also be fitted with instantly locking locks that lock instantly when the expandable trellis concertina Burglar guard is slammed shut. 

Retractable Burglar Guards enable people to use windows covered by Expandable, Retractable, Trellis, Concertina burglar bars to exit the building and escape the danger in the case of fire or other emergency.