Roof Rooms

Roof rooms offer an alternative to those wishing to create extra living space but due to the size of their land or position of the house on the land are unable to add on to their house in the normal way by simply having home additions to their existing house. Roof rooms are additional spaces that are created by building upwards instead of outwards to create extra space.

The adding of a roof room to a house entails the removal of the existing roof or part of the existing roof in order for the roof room to be added. Roof tiles are removed and kept to be used for the roofing of the new roof room addition. This has the advantage of saving costs as well as eliminating the problem of trying to match new tiles to the existing roof of the house thereby ensuring that the roofing of the roof room matches the existing roof and the roof room addition does not end up looking like it was added on to the house. Once the existing roof tiles have been removed the rafters are cut back where required in order for the floor and walls of the roof room to be created. The rafters and roofing of the new roof room are then fitted.

The size of the roof room that can be added to a house depends upon the design of the existing house. Stair access to the roof room is usually inside the existing house however it is sometimes preferable to have exterior stair access to the roof room as in the case of it being used as a separate granny flat or office space.

Roof rooms can be added to existing houses without the need for the family to vacate the house during construction.

It is important to ensure that any roof room addition or construction is carried out by a specialist, knowledgeable and experienced contractor as the construction of a roof room entails major structural changes to the existing roof of a house and unless the contractor knows what he is doing you could run into problems.




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