World of Workwear Website

Website for safety footwear and safety workwear distributor and retailer, World of Workwesr.

World of Workwear supply most of the top brands of safety workwear and safety footwear such as Bova, Lemaitre, Bronx, Bell, Euro and Cat. The website needed to display the products by brand but the safety footwear would also need to be classified according to the different specifications so that the website user could also display all footwear matching the current specified attributes. This would enable the user to select footwear according to different attributes in order to narrow down their search for safety footwear that meets their requirements.    



Button links to allow the user to view safety footwear according to specific attributes such as steel top caps, acid resistance, steel mid soles, non slip, etc were incorporated into the main navigation of the product pages of the site to make access to displaying the footwear by type easy. 

It became apparent though that with the many different specifications of safety footwear, an advanced safety footwear search feature would be required to enable the website visitor to select footwear based on any number of criteria. This enables the user to tick the checkboxes of all the attributes they require from their safety footwear and the advanced search feature will only display the footwear that meets all the requirements. This will make it very easy to select the right kind of safety footwear.

The site had to include the ability to add new footwear attributes to products as they are added to the database, because of this the attribute link buttons and advanced search automatically displays any new buttons or checkboxes. Making the system easy to scale as new products and product types with divers attributes are added to the site. 





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